Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Trailer Works Just Right

Yes, it's a tiny little thing, but our new trailer works just great. On Friday, it hauled a couple of weeks worth of trash to the transfer station, then on Saturday I took it down to Lodi and Stockton and came home with a new hood for the '76. (We call than car Hoodlum, for obvious reasons...)

I've been looking for the right kind of latches to connect the tailegate to the sides and finally got them ordered last week. They'll be in on Monday and I'll install them, retorque all the bolts and it'll be ready for whatever comes next!


Dave V said...

Good deal. I saw a Honda Accord towing a small boat today. Do you know your towing capacity???

Next Stop Oregon said...

Very cool!

Steve said...

Don't know the listed capacity, and know I wouldn't want to tow anywhere near it anyway. Trailer weighs under 200 - I figure I can safely haul another 800 lbs, but would only pull that much for a short distance.