Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dangerous Dave's Debut Dog

This is Geary, our good friend Dave's new - and first! - dog. He got him at a shelter in Plumas County today, and Geary made the 3-hour ride home in good shape.

Just a pup - 11 weeks. Welcome to the pack!


Next Stop Oregon said...

What a cutie guy! We've had our rescue dog, Molly, for 5 months and she's been awesome! It's the first dog that we've had as adults and she's been tons of fun! We hope you enjoy Geary just as much!

Anonymous said...

Yep, Geary is a sweetheart! And now, as Steve says, Dangerous Dave has an additional name: Papa Dave!

yui said...

Hi! I'm behind you.
Good luck!

Dangerous Dave in Davis said...

Thanks, everyone! Yesterday, "Anonymous" Di was a co-conspirator in tricking me into coming to my office (during my week of Pupternity Leave), and my colleagues surprised us with a Puppy Shower. Toys, treats, gadgets, pet games and brownies (none for Geary). And today we went to the Puppy Doctor, who said Geary is doing just fine. -- DDID